Wits for Win

Hernidex – Quite possibly the world’s finest ballpoint pen.

Company Profile

Wah Hing Office Supplies Group is one of the most well established stationery suppliers in Hong Kong, specializing in office supplies, stationery equipment, art and handicraft materials. Founded over 30 years ago, Wah Hing Office Supplies Group is known to be customer-oriented and provides customers with exceptional service, and garnered the confidence of its clients.

Established in 2002, Hernidex’s innovation in product design built itself a reputation in the marketplace for creativity and quality. The annual sale for Hernidex ballpoint pens in Hong Kong is over 2 million pieces, a remarkable amount relative to its competitors.

Track of Glory

Hernidex’s growing popularity in Hong Kong owes itself to the high quality, competitive pricing and excellent reputation of its products. Their ballpoint pens write smoothly, are durable, and are at a lower price point than competitive brands, thus making it attractive to locals. Over 10 million ballpoint pens have been sold and never has a complaint been made regarding the quality of the pens. In fact, to ensure the highest quality, the working parts of the pen are registered and certified to international standards.

The ballpoint pen market had been led by Japanese brands; however, with great effort in these last 15 years, Hernidex overtook them to become the best-selling ballpoint pens in Hong Kong. This year, they are honoured to win the “Hong Kong Top Brand Awards”, strengthening their reputation. Their mandate is to ensure customers have confidence in their brand; therefore, no effort is spared to achieve the best for the sake of enhancing their products. Apart from ballpoint pens, Hernidex provides files, staples, colour pencils, etc. which are popular in offices and schools. Their future outlook is to export products internationally to showcase the quality that Hong Kong has to offer.


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