Decoupage Courses

Decoupage originated from Chinese folk art in the 12th century and became a popular art culture after emerging Europe in the 17th century. Decoupage generally refers to mix and match differecnt beautiful patterns to develop new pieces of art. In recent years, Decoupage has become popular in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places, making changes and improvement from traditional art!

“HERITAGE” has been developing and researching Decoupage art for more than a hundred years. It introduced Decoupage from Europe and Britain to South Africa, combining the exquisite European art skills and the strong national color of Africa. Its Decoupage art supplies and development technology are well-known in Europe and America. In today’s South Africa, you can find Decoupage art in anywhere, such as exquisite glass bottles, elegant table mats, even in large wooden furniture.

Our Decoupage course teaches Decoupage techniques, with personal creative ideas, we create and collage different patterns such as paper, napkins, etc. on wood, metal, glass, and cloth. During the course, we are using “HERITAGE” professional materials that imported from South Africa.

After learing the Decoupage techniques, we can use it as a guide to renovate old furnitures into new one. It will also contribute to the environmental protection.

Decoupage Interest Course